Start. Begin. Launch. A Guide To Awakening Your Entrepreneurial Dreams.

Updated: Sep 23, 2018

The best time to start your new business venture is now. It's easy to get stuck in the spiral of thoughts toggling the questions of timing and preparedness. The truth is, you'll never be as prepared as you'd like to be, nor is there a moment greater than now.

Bring Those Ideas To Life.

First things first, get a journal and start compiling your thoughts. Take it everywhere you go and write out every business-related thought that pops into your head. Don't worry about organizing them. Don't get caught up on who will take care of what and whatever you do -- keep an open mind and remember that you are crafting your future business. That being said, anything is possible -- so, dream big!

One of our favorite self-exploration journaling tools is the Start Where You Are Journal by Meera Lee Patel.

Lock it Down Early.

After you've fantasized about everything from your company logo to your fortune 500 status, take the steps to secure the bag. Register your business name with your local Secretary of State, purchase your domain name, and set up all of your social media accounts. There are probably few things more painful than discovering that the name that so perfectly fits your business has already been registered by someone else. You may have better chances at avoiding this pain point by registering your accounts early.

Start Talking.

Often, one of the hardest things to do is to overcome the fear of someone 'stealing our idea(s)' and instead, trust people to help us execute them. You'd be surprised at the amount of resources and help that will become available to you, once you invite the atmosphere to serve you. The key, here, is identifying your needs and being clear about stating them. Be intentional about seeking opportunities to expand your resource pool and supporting the endeavors of those around you.

Show Up. Show Up Again. And Again.

Be consistent and give it your absolute best effort every day. Set goals and hold yourself accountable for reaching them. Don't expect for things to take off overnight. Instead, expect that through hard work and perseverance you will see all of the desires of your heart come to fruition.

In our latest issue, we shared, 15 Questions & Answers to Help You Get Your Business Started by business coach Trudi Lebron. Subscribe to Black and Brilliant Entrepreneur Magazine for full list of tips to give your business a running start.

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