When's the last time you stopped to set your intentions on yourself. Like, seriously. Not thinking about the business. Not thinking about the kids or other familial responsibilities. Have paused to think about you lately? Every once in a while I have to step away from everything to make sure I'm in tune with everything that I desire for myself.

Few and Far Between.

As a woman, a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur, etc., these moments can be few and far between. But, I've made it my business to make sure that I am fully relishing in self-love, affirmation and getting in tune with my aspirations. I've found that the only way that I can serve best in my business and others around me is by first serving myself.

Back Up.

Last month, during my recent trip to New Orleans where I worked the #HereWeGrow18 Self-care Retreat something happened. I work this retreat every year, and ever year it's phenomenal. But this year would be different. Before leaving home, I made sure everything (and I do mean everything) was taken care of. I did the laundry, packed the stacked the kids clothes for the week, grocery shopped, bout a stockpile of snacks and beverages, set an embarrassing number of alarms on my husbands phone to ensure that everything ran smoothly and without a hitch. Maybe I'm a control freak (I'll take that). But, maybe, I was very intentional about setting myself to focus on me and me only.

It Worked Well. (Maybe Too Well?)

During my week in New Orleans, I worked, I read, I engaged with women from all over the country and found myself developing what would be the beginning of life-long relationships. I walked. I ate (a lot). I laughed and cried. I received massages, participated in an incredible photo shoot, and even ended up in a tattoo shop. The point here is, I set my intentions on myself and I made sure my family knew it. I planned to celebrate me and to do all of the things that were fulfilling to me during that time.

Just What I Needed.

I returned home with an indescribable amount of clarity and energy that went into immediate action and application towards my goals. Within days I had compiled a new vision board which was overflowing inspiration, goals and declarations for my life and business. I have to attribute this new found energy to taking a step back.

In doing so, I allowed myself to calibrate my goals and properly align myself to reach them. As the year quickly comes to a close and the holidays draw near, I would encourage you to take a moment of pause before the season consumes your energy and focus.

In our latest issue (The Entrepreneur's Lifestyle), we shared advice from mom and workplace issues expert Holly Caplan who encouraged readers to "get their lives back" and "be guilt free." Get your copy of our latest issue for more information on how you can optimize your pause.

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