Mind Over Matter.

I must rise above my own doubts and share my greatness even when I'm not feeling so great about my abilities. I must mute my insecurities and plunge myself into the crowd. I must straighten my crown, get out in front of the audience shine. I must remember, I was born to shine.

Just Flow.

Lately, I've heard a lot of entrepreneurs use the phrase "be in flow." Oooh! That just sounds good, doesn't it? I imagine it to mean, coasting along and letting the process effortlessly take you to your your next level. Or, getting up and harmoniously speaking in front of a crowded room with the audience eating up everything that I share. It's not quite that easy, but with practice it can be (easy to manage).

At one point or another, most business owners have experienced being unsure of themselves and their worthiness of praise, accolades, and accomplishments. I remember anticipating my first contract. I was gunning for the chance to show my skills and wow my future client with the best marketing they'd ever seen. Until, the opportunity finally presented itself. I became unsure and immediately began questioning my skills and ability to complete the task. Eventually, I got out of my head and allowed myself to operate in my own greatness.

However; impostor syndrome is very common among entrepreneurs and often a difficult thing to overcome.

Impostor syndrome is a common example -- the fear that our achievements aren't deserved that underneath our progress and success we're actually fraudulent and unworthy. - Meera Lee Patel, My Friend Fear

Here' we're sharing a few tips on how you can identify the onset of impostor syndrome and take action in your own life.

1. Identify Your Feelings

When you feel the onset of these insecurities, take a pause to understand where the feelings are coming from. Try documenting your feelings in a journal. Follow every negative feeling that you list, with a positive affirmation.

2. Don't Compare

When we compare ourselves to others, we have the potential of diminishing our self-confidence and ultimately devaluing the great things that we have to offer.

3. Unplug

With social media being so prevalent in main-stream culture and in business, it's easy to get caught up on others' success and resenting your own journey. If you find yourself in this boat - unplug. Take a social media break to regroup and refocus.

4. Quit Calling It Luck

Be careful attributing your success to luck. Doing so increases the your risk of believing you don't deserve the great and wonderful things that come your way. It's not luck that got you to where you are and it won't be luck that takes you to your next level. It's a combination of dedication, calculated moves, perseverance and faith that has qualified you to wear your crown.

5. Accept It


.Remind yourself that you are amazing and there is no one better qualified than you. You're right where you ought to be and no one can take your place.

  • I'm not here on accident, I'm here on purpose.

  • I'm not lucky. I'm purposed.

  • Even though I'm afraid. I'm purposed.

  • My purpose is greater than my fear.

"You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing you think you cannot do."
- Eleanor Roosevelt

6. Do It Anyway!


The most sure-fire way to conquer any challenge is to take it head on. So what you're afraid and unsure. Do it anyway. Tell that little voice of uncertainty to be quiet and show up for yourself live you've got something to prove.

In our latest issue (The Entrepreneur's Lifestyle), we shared an interview with Alisha Robertson, author of Living Over Existing, and founder of The Alisha Nicole and LOE. Robertson provided our readers with practical tips on how to push past mental barriers that are holding you back from success. Subscribe to read the full article, Living Her Best Life, and get first-hand tips that you can put into action today.

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