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Magazine Submissions


Thank you for your interest in contributing your work to B.A.B.E. Magazine and our editorial team. We’re delighted you’re interested in contributing your art.

We are always accepting stories and perspectives on marketing, business finance, branding, tech, work-life-balance, fashion trends,  career, and more. If you are a writer or photographer looking to expand the audience for your work, we would love to hear from you!


We are accepting essays, creative stories, photography, and book excerpts. We're currently accepting submissions and pitches from female creatives of color.

Submissions should not exceed 800 words. All submissions must be sent to




Writers/Photographers interested in contributing to B.A.B.E. Mag must submit a formal pitch/query, and all submissions must be pitched to, accepted and assigned by an editor of B.A.B.E. Mag. Writers are only allowed to submit 1 written piece per issue.


Photography fall in line with the theme of the current issue.

  • Formatting: Photographs in a submission must be contained in a single .doc, .rtf, .pdf, .docx, or .txt file. Images should be submitted in high resolution; however, upon acceptance, images must be provided with a resolution of at least 300 dpi, or greater, and as a .tiff or .jpg that can be reproduced at 1,650 pixels wide.

  • Text with the images: Captions or text submitted with your images should be contained in the single file that contains the images. The captions or text should be numbered or placed to indicate a corresponding order with the photographs.

  • Please include your name and email address at the top of the first page. You may also include a brief biographical note with your submission.

  • Any photos submitted must be photographed by you so be sure to submit your work only.

Formal written submissions should be no more than 800 words and should include your story idea, a basic outline of what you’d cover, sources you plan to include, and any additional pertinent information you think we may want to know when considering your pitch for an assignment.

  • By submitting, you acknowledge that you are the sole copyright owner and this is your original work. All contributors will be acknowledged for their submitted content.

  • B.A.B.E. Magazine assumes no ownership of your work and will publish solely as a promotional opportunity.

  • You agree to give B.A.B.E. Magazine permission to exploit work digitally and use your namesake as well as snippets from the work for promotional purposes on the world wide web.

  • You will receive a response if we decide to publish your piece. We cannot reach out to everyone that was not selected.

  • Though many submissions have merit, B.A.B.E. Magazine can only assign and publish the most tightly focused, error-free queries that meet our needs and guidelines.

  • You will not be monetarily compensated for your submission (Yet. We hope to pay writers in the future. We're working on a model that will help bring this to fruition.)

  • Any stories assigned or articles submitted must be researched and reported by you (e.g., quotes should be taken from interviews you conduct yourself), so be sure to give us examples of the sources you’ll consult in your pitch.

  • In the event your content submission is not published in the current issue of the magazine, you may be asked about posting on the blog. You will be contacted before your content is put to use on any of our other digital platforms. We would never repurpose your work without your permission.


We're looking forward to seeing your contributed article(s) come to life when the issues are published. Thank you for being a part of our journey and allowing us to share your talents with the world.

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