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Our Story

Official BABE Magazine is a collection of carefully curated written and visual content sourced from women across the United States. We are the premier resource for aspiring and active entrepreneurs everywhere.

Our goal is to deliver in-depth information on key topics to our readers in-the-know on topics relevant to business growth and personal development. We believe success breeds success and we aim to uplift and empower you through the success stories of other brilliant entrepreneurs.

Lakenya Finley Editor In Chief


Lakenya Finley is the kind of editor writers come back to thank -- even after she may have irritated them --  because she improved their work. She studied broadcast journalism at Hampton University in Virginia and proceeded to work as a copy editor at Newsday and later the Los Angeles Times. During her 10 years at the L.A. Times, she brought "sardonic wit" (a former co-worker's words, not hers) and a sharp eye for detail to the arts and entertainment sections before becoming part of the inaugural copy desk. Passionate about women's issues, economic empowerment and proper comma usage, LaKenya is a great fit to oversee content for Official BABE Magazine.